Infectious Disease

Recent scientific evidence is defined by the nature of the bacteria and virus, they repertoire for successful infection in hijacking nutrient for their replication and spread in the metabolic processing.  And the are terrific flexible to build resistance to medications. 

Which explained the recurring of infections as aging because the sluggish metabolism provides more unabsorbed rich environments for them.     

It also explained those disorders whose origin is still unknown such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Obesity and Non-healing wounds of the diabetic, include Lyme disease,  HIV or Hepatitis C virus infection.

Recurring infections such as: chronic sinus, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infection. 

An efficient natural immune to fight infectious diseases is highly dependent upon  proper fuel. 

MUS is a new concept of contributing optimum fuel, providing unique strength and efficiency to fulfill function regeneration. It alternatively provides health and healing benefits to human body.